Saturday, May 12, 2007

"All Good Cats Go to Heaven" -- oil on canvas -- 60x36" -- Margie Guyot
I did this one last summer and just realized I hadn't posted this. It all started with finding this fluffy pink prom dress in a garage sale. It was SO pretty, with rhinestones and sequins. Size 2, so it would never fit me, but I bought it to put into a painting or two.

While take a shower a day or so later, I had the idea to paint a surreal vision of a white fairy cat, wearing the "fairy dress", wielding a magic wand, surrounded by cats enjoying catnip and playing with little glowing orbs. The cat in the lower right corner is Matisse, my longhair cat who catches and eats red squirrels. My other cat, Elvis, is the gray tuxedo cat on the left side, about midway in the painting. On my bed I have a giant black jaguar, which I painted in the background, overlooking the cat fairy.

I'm entering this one into the Scarab Club's annual "Blooms, Bugs and Beasts" show tomorrow.

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