Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Ripples" -- plein air field study -- 11x14" -- oil on canvas board -- Margie Guyot

Yesterday afternoon I was out painting with friends at Kensington Metropark and saw this beautiful scene of the water reflections, all rippling in the wind. I set up my easel and was getting ready to start painting when a painting buddy (who'd enjoyed several beers at lunch) came up to me and began lecturing me on how this would not be a good painting. He thought I'd be concerned with painting the island. I tried telling him no, I was more interested in the shape of the ripples and water reflections. It was like trying to talk to a brick wall! I just let him do his spiel, smiling sweetly and agreeing. Apparently satisfied that he'd "set me right", he staggered off, imposing his opinions on other unfortunates in our group.

I've been painting too long to fall for this type of intimidation! It was the amazing sight of the shimmery ripples that I loved -- and I was hell-bent on painting them! The dark reflections of the trees on the island grew more ochre as they approached the foreground. At that point, the darkness gave way to the ochre sand/mud beneath the surface. Again, we were blessed with quite interesting clouds. Very chilly, though, but this week we were fairly well prepared.

When we got there, one of my friends handed me a Killian's Red (I'd never had one before) and it was good! But after 3 hours painting, I still had half of it left. Well, the bathrooms were far, far away. I don't mind using the bushes, but still -- it's just an annoyance! I'd sooner paint!