Thursday, November 02, 2006

"The Deer Field" -- oil on streched canvas -- 16x20" I did this one en plein air (meaning "on site, in the open air") a few years ago out at Kensington Metropark. Hunting is usually not allowed inside the park, so the deer are usually plentiful. This view is not seen by too many people. It's at the SE corner of the park, where there's only one small parking lot near the toll booth. I parked my van and lugged my french easel through the waist-high grass. Out in front of me hopped hundreds of little field mice, frightened by the monster. It was in early September, right when the big mat of wild bittersweet was blooming (in the foreground). I found the remains of a deer skeleton in the grass, inspiring the name of this painting. On the hike back to the van, I dropped this wet oil painting onto the ground. Artists will tell you that sometimes this actually improves a painting! Maybe so. Anyway, after it dried, I had to pick out bits of grass.

My realtor insists that I make an attempt to clear this house out. It's stacked full of paintings, so I'm putting this one (and others) up for bidding on eBay this week. You can try going to eBay and typing in "Deer Field Hunter" in the search line. Thanks for looking!