Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"Moth Orchid" -- oil on canvas -- 20x22" -- Margie Guyot

My friend Nancy moved to California last year and she gave me this beautiful moth orchid. Some orchid species languish miserably at my house, but the moth orchids seem to love it here. I set them outside in the shade every summer and sprinkle them with the hose several times a week. They sit on trays of pea gravel, which they share with the toads. I bring them inside before the first frost hits, where they winter-over in my upstairs studio.

After using this orchid in 2 large still life paintings lately, I wanted to "milk it" for another painting before setting it outside for the summer. Again, I used the natural north light, having to pull the west window shades (which makes it hard to see the canvas!). Maybe someday I'll get a better studio setup. The tablecloth was a bit challenging with its pattern and folds, but I just couldn't paint it without the pattern & folds!