Saturday, November 08, 2008

"Farm on Farrell Road" -- plein air field study -- 8x10" -- oil on birch panel -- Margie Guyot

Yesterday was probably one of the last nice days we'll have here in NW Michigan until next April. So I had to get out and "make hay while the sun shines". I saw this farm scene on Farrell Road, just south of Essex Road. I loved the way the shadows fell across the grass and road and the bright green grass.

Behind this windrow of spruce and deciduous trees was the farmhouse. I believe that bright green field (on the left) was planted in winter wheat. It was fresh and new, only several inches high. On the far right you can see a tip of the cornfield, fully dried out and still waiting to be harvested. Farmers often plant cover crops such winter wheat and rye to help save against erosion and to help fertilize the soil. Besides corn and other grain, there are many apple and cherry orchards. This area is also known as "The Cherry Capital of the World".

The day started out with 100% pure blue skies, but as the day wore on, the clouds and chilly breezes came in. After several balmy days with highs about 70 degrees, we're expecting a weekend of ice pellets and snow.

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