Saturday, October 03, 2009

"Cherry Pie - Lattice Crust" -- oil on canvas -- 5x7" -- Margie Guyot

If you could have seen me painting this, you would have laughed. I just rescued 2 little kitties this week and both of them were climbing up my jeans during most of the time I was painting. The one kitty insisted on sitting on my shoulder. I was kind of afraid it would leap onto the wet palette.

And this pie was really a tiny pie, about 4" in diameter. The cherries are all done in the orchards now, so I'd either have to buy the frozen cherries and bake my own or else cheat and buy a ready-made. Ready-made pies are so yucky, compared to homemade, so I hate to throw money away on them. I found a tiny, individual cherry pie down at King's Orchards, on 31, north of Elk Rapids. This morning I cut it to look like it was a bigger pie slice and had to use my imagination when painting this. In reality, the red juice really wasn't all that appetizing-looking. Maybe they cooked the filling with flour instead of cornstarch, so it was more chalky-looking. I had to use artistic license on this one.

And I locked up my wet palette before leaving. I know what I'd find tomorrow: paint-covered kitties!

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