Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Going Sledding" -- oil on canvas -- 9x12"
After months of dreary "sour owl s--- brown" here in SE Michigan, winter arrived with a vengance last weekend. The big ice storm that stormed through the Midwest roared through here Sunday night, coating everything with about 1/4" of ice. There's only a dusting of snow, but the ice has remained for the past 3+ days. Amazingly, the power has stayed on in my neighborhood.
I did this little painting a couple years ago. The background is entirely invented, from memories of sledding back in Iowa. One of my uncles had a car like this one. Remember the old wood sleds? I still have mine out in the garage. If we get enough snow to go sledding this winter, I'd like to give it a whirl out on the slopes at Kensington Metropark. People think there isn't much color in winter, but there IS. Especially when there's snow on the ground. Some of the trees are quite honey-brown, even rust or orange-toned. Then the snow isn't white -- it's usually blue (reflecting the sky) or even pale gold (when reflecting the sun's angled rays). The undersides of the clouds are reflecting the warm browns of the leafless trees and dried grasses.
If the ice storm-coated trees hold a while longer, I hope to get out to paint a picture. When I'm at work the sun shines on the ice, creating amazing, sparkling "diamonds". Soon as I get home, the dark clouds roll in! Ah, life!