Thursday, December 28, 2006

"Wino Angel in Pink Poinsettias" oil on canvas panel -- 11x14"
One of my good friends sent me a CD that is a collection of really awful wino songs. They sound as if the musicians were exceedingly drunk at the time and the recordings were done in situ, in some kind of raunchy dive. I was listening to this awful CD (amazed at how lame it was) on the way down to the Anna Scripps Conservatory on Belle Isle, Detroit. One song in particular was memorable in that the singer had an exceedingly raspy voice. He sang the virtues of his favorite brew: Thunderbird. I just couldn't shake the memory of that ravaged voice. So wouldn't you know I'd be attracted to this stone cherub holding a wine glass and bunch of grapes? He was surrounded by pink poinsettias. All the while I painted, I could hear that voice whispering "Thunderbird!".