Sunday, November 25, 2007

An update on my new studio: this was snapped on Thanksgiving morning, after a light snowfall. The 3 windows have been added. I haven't begun painting in there yet, as the heating problem is being worked on. Last weekend I tried lighting a fire in the gigantic woodstove, just to test it out. It's a huge, old monstrosity. Apparently it hadn't been used for a few years, and just opening the firebox door was a struggle. After I lit the fire, I found it impossible to completely close the firebox door. So smoke leaked out into the studio. I'm very sensitive to smoke, so this was a disaster! When Tom, the contractor showed up, I said this thing's gotta go!

So we're working out a deal. The electrician wants the stove and I'm going to trade him for labor costs. I'm going to be installing an LP gas burning unit in the studio, eliminating the smoke -- and the need for constant fire-stoking. It's not good for paints to freeze, either.

As I stood out there, taking photos in the early morning, the air smelled so sweet -- like a mix of flowers & pine. It never smells like that in the Detroit area. For years, I dreamed of living in a place where the air smelled fresh and clean.

At the moment I'm back at my old house in Farmington Hills, taking care of last-minute "fluffings" before putting it on the market. It is my goal to be up at my northern house by the end of November. I miss painting!

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