Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Heney's Green Acres" -- plein air field study -- 6x8" -- Margie Guyot

My friend Karen and I had been driving around near Empire, Michigan, looking for interesting things to paint. We stopped at a beautiful little farm that had a cardtable out front, with a sign that said "Apricots for sale". Les Heney, the farmer, was mending a fence out past the rhubarb patch. He gave us permission to paint anywhere we wanted. Amazing man -- he said he'll turn 94 on September 8th! He soon left, driving his 95 year old wife to the hairdresser! I'm always happy to find older people in such lively shape!

I really loved this barn! It was a little tricky to draw in, but the patterns of sun and shade were what I loved most. I also appreciated being able to stand in the shade to paint this, as it was up near 90 degrees.

Karen and I each bought some of his apricots -- only $1 for a quart!

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