Sunday, February 03, 2008

Day #3: "Froggie Serenade" -- oil on canvas -- Margie Guyot
Trying to play catch-up with my blogging on this one. This is at the end of my 3rd day of working on this painting. I'm still using my #8 flat brush exclusively. I just love it: it's an Ultrex Ultra. And they don't make them anymore! Doggone! I love it because it holds it shape wonderfully. I can get a nice, fine line by running it along its side. What were they thinking by stopping production on this great brush?

This photo looks a little strange, as all the paint is wet and has a glare to it. I have to stop painting at 4:30 PM, when the light starts to grow dim up here in Michigan. But it's just as well -- most of the surface is pretty wet and I'd have to stop painting anyway.

The yellow fabric behind the frog on the left: yes, I know it's distracting. Don't worry -- baby, I got a plan for that! Come back tomorrow & you'll see.

When I came back to this painting this morning, I noticed the big frog on the right (holding the umbrella) needed his (her?) head adjusted. It was too big. That's what I love about oils: they dry slowly, so I can come back a day later and wipe away anything that needs to go. The right side frog is an interesting mix of viridian, cerulean blue and bits of black & red. The frog on the left is more green, with a pure green in just a very few spots, by the highlights.

The large pottery vase on the left foreground is fun to play around with. I started darkening it up today. There will be small frogs on each of the "wings" along the top. I haven't tried painting them in yet because I wanted to do all I could with my #8 brush before I start getting nit-picky. If there's one thing I've learned NOT to do is to pull out a little brush too soon. It can just end up ruining a painting. Get too picky, too soon and you can end up pulling your hair out & screaming!

OK, a word about the yellow sandals: would you believe that for most of my life, I only felt it necessary to have 3 pairs of shoes? A black, a brown and a bone pair. What changed me, you ask? I was in a resale shop once and saw the most spectacular pair of orchid suede high heels! They took my breath away! Sadly, they were a size too small. I realized that all too often, all I'd ever see were black or brown clunky, mannish-looking shoes for us women with size 9's and 10's. Sacrilege! We like bright colors, too! After that, I began a search for bright, dazzling, colorful shoes. Hey -- life's too short to wear beige! Besides, if I don't wear them, I can always use them in a painting....

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