Monday, February 04, 2008

Day #4: "Froggy Serenade" -- oil on canvas -- 36x36" -- Margie Guyot
Nearly done! And I got a late start on it today. Was in my jammies until about 11 this morning. Mercury's in Retrograde and all kind of odds and ends needed attention. Phone calls, letters, you name it, to follow up on business transactions that got mired down, insurance numbers that wouldn't go through, etc. EBay packages to wrap, Amazon books to pack for shipping -- you name it, it had to be pawed over this morning. Oh, to just hand that over to the servants....!

Another ideal servant duty: tending the mouse traps! I've got 3 mouse traps set in the studio to get the little boogers that are eating the sunflower seeds. What if they decide to chew up my canvases? That just wouldn't do! This morning when I walked into the studio, there was one mouse dead in the trap and a second mouse still alive, but with his poor little foot caught in the trap. I felt really awful to have to do it, but I squashed that poor thing with my foot. Threw them both out into the snow. Came back inside, turned on my Diana Krall CD and turned up the heat a little and got to painting.

Finally I had to get down to a #4 flat brush for some of this detail work. I needed it for the little frogs that sit along the top edge of the big glazed vase (left foreground). Got the yellow & black frog (lower left) painted in. Darkened up a little bit of the scarf details in the foreground. Oh, and I added the NO TRESSPASSING sign in the background. The previous owner of this property left it behind in the barn and since it was such a cool color, why not use it?

I had always planned on putting in some forsythia branches and started to do so this afternoon. But it was getting late and the light was fading fast. We were getting a beautiful snowfall. The flakes were huge and fluttering straight down. Just now I had to run out to the art studio and the snow has changed to freezing rain. Tomorrow I'll go out there & work a bit on the forsythia and probably call it "done".

This has been fun, to post daily progressions of my painting. But now I feel under the gun to keep going with it. Thank goodness my sciatica is beginning to get better! Hmmm.... I'll have to think of what next to paint.