Saturday, March 01, 2008

Day #7 -- "White Duck" -- 30x40" -- Margie Guyot
OK, I think this is about finished. I'm going to set it aside and work on my income taxes for a few days. Take a breather. Sometimes it helps to take a break, let a painting sit for a few days (or weeks) and then you can see what (if anything) you need to correct.

My friend Jerry came over today, bringing his easel, paints and a stack of techno CDs. I suppose I needed to take a break from Diana Krall for a while. I like techno and only have a couple CDs, so it was refreshing to have a painting buddy and new music to listen to. We both bemoaned the thought of being stuck in a room, having to listen to 8 hours of nothing but Enya! That happened to me out at Scottsdale Artists School some years ago. It was a still life class and they had about 10 CDs. Unfortunately, 9 of them were Enya CDs. You hear one Enya, you've heard 'em all! Finally on the last day, I put down my brush, walked over to the CD player and put in the 10th CD, a collection of show tunes! Thought I'd go stark raving mad. But then everybody started whining, "We want Enya!!!!" so I had to change it back. Strange group of painters.

Another problem I realized today was that Matisse, my headstrong cat, had jumped up onto my setup and things had shifted noticeably. I had to look twice -- had I been this wrong in my drawing? Finally I realized it was from the cat pouncing in the middle of it all. Whew!

Well, if you don't see any new blogs in the next few days, don't worry & don't fret. I'll be back. It's just that The Tax Man Cometh.....