Thursday, August 21, 2008

Action shot: painting in Lake Michigan w/cup of red wine (it was a hot day)

"August Waves" -- field study -- oil on canvas -- 11x14" -- Margie Guyot
I just loved the colors of the water and the rippling of the waves at the shoreline. Some friends and I decided to go to Rex Beach and paint the other afternoon. It's been very dry here and relatively hot (upper 80's). Of course I had to take off my sandals and wade in it. Planted my brand-new Soltek easel in the water. It's metal, so it won't warp like my old wooden french easel would have. As I painted, little minnows would nip at my feet. Very refreshing!

At one point somebody opened a bottle of red wine. It hit the spot!

It's only August, but already we're beginning to see hints of fall colors. The bracken is changing to gold. Some of the shoreline grasses and plants are turning to shades of rust and maroon. The water at that late afternoon hour was starting to reflect the pale viridian sky. There is golden ochre sand along that shoreline, which you could see in the ripples.

I love this time of the year.